For New Clients

Doing Business with Colorado Kitchen Designs

The following explains how you may anticipate doing business with Colorado Kitchen Designs.  We believe that being up front in these matters will help eliminate confusion and incorrect assumptions as we work together to help you with your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bar, home office, entertainment center or other cabinetry projects.

Services Offered

Colorado Kitchen Designs provides design services and products that support you in your new construction, or remodeling project, in the following areas:  kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bar, home office, entertainment center, garage or other cabinetry projects.  We are a dealer for several excellent cabinetry manufacturers: WW Wood Products, DuraSupreme, Schroll, Jeffrey Alexander, and Superior Cabinetry and JSI Cabinetry.  These cabinet companies manufacture both semi-custom and full custom cabinetry at several different price points, making it possible for us to accommodate any budget requirements.  We are also able to offer both framed and frameless cabinetry from these manufacturers.  Our primary service is to work with you to provide a well thought out, comprehensive design, along with cabinetry and countertop that are both beautiful and functional.  We can provide you with access to industry vendors, contractors, architects and designers.  You may purchase products with or without installation.

Your design fee for this project is $TBD. Should you purchase your cabinetry from Colorado Kitchen Designs, your design fee will be credited to the order.

There are generally four phases to completing a project with us.  Following are descriptions of each phase:

Initial Phase:  Design, Drawings, Estimate

Our initial design, drawings and corresponding estimate for cabinetry are prepared after receiving a design fee.  These drawings consist of a floor plan and computer generated line drawing perspectives.  The information that we need to create a design may come from a visit to your home, architectural drawings or measurements that you present to us.  Most projects require a couple of meetings to discuss the design, selection of materials and review our estimate.

Phase II:  Finalize Design and Select Materials

The purpose of this phase is to finalize the design and make selection of cabinetry and other products (i.e. countertop, back splash material, etc.).  Design revisions requested at this point are at no charge to the client.  On occasion revisions can become extensive.  Should the designer determine that this is the case, he/she will notify you.  Additional design fees at $75/HR may be charged. 

Colorado Kitchen Designs can provide a quote and oversee countertop design, selection, fabrication and installation using our countertop subcontractor.

Phase III:  Purchase Agreement

Once a final design has been agreed to, we will ask you to sign a Purchase Agreement to order the cabinetry.  Our payment terms for the purchase of cabinetry are 50% upon ordering and 50% (less any prepaid design fee), prior to delivery of cabinets to the job site.  Upon receipt of your 50% deposit, we will place your order.  Since your project is a custom project, once the order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled.  Any changes made by you once the order has been placed will be handled through a change order.  Any cabinetry, or cabinetry accessories, which have been ordered on your behalf, cannot be returned to either Colorado Kitchen Designs, or the cabinet manufacturer.

Final Phase:  Delivery and Installation

Colorado Kitchen Designs has developed relationships with many experienced and qualified remodeling contractors and builders.  At your request, we will provide names of contractors who are able to perform the work for your project.  Whether you choose to use one of our contractors or your own, we will work closely with the contractor to help facilitate that the cabinetry is delivered and installed in a timely and professional manner.  We will generally visit your job site several times to view progress and are available to answer questions that the contractor may have.  Colorado Kitchen Designs is not liable for mistakes and/or financial consequences made by any contractor or installer resulting from changes made to a work site after the final field measure is completed by us.

Additional Design Services

In many cases, our clients desire our consulting services to help them with selection of other materials and/or products such as tile, lighting, paint, decorative hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc.  For these consulting services our fee is $75/HR including travel time, and is payable upon receipt of invoice.  These fees do not apply to cabinet purchase.

Appliances and Other Fixtures

In preparing a kitchen or bath design, we must rely on the published appliance manufacturer’s specifications to order the correct cabinetry, and accessories for your appliances.  Colorado Kitchen Designs cannot guarantee the accuracy of manufacturer’s appliance specifications.  Therefore, we may ask you to sign a document confirming your selections of appliances and fixtures prior to ordering cabinetry.  Should you change your appliance, or fixture selections, after cabinetry is ordered, you may incur additional costs for design time, modifications to cabinetry, any re-orders, or other adjustments.