Kosher Design

We recognize the need to accommodate the Jewish community and their specific Kosher needs.  Both Jonathan and Christine have worked for a local Jewish caterer and are very familiar with the rules of Kosher practice.  Jill has been designing Kosher spaces with her clients for many years.  As a company, we have completed many Kosher kitchens of different levels around the city. Our clients include local Rabbis, Cantors, and Synagogue members from across the Jewish community spectrum. Some clients have required two sets of dishwashers, sinks, and microwaves in order to keep dairy and meat prep areas completely separate.  Other clients have requested only separate storage for Passover dishes. We support the need to discuss your material choices with your Rabbi as certain materials are considered to be more “clean” than others.  Whatever your level of need is, we are happy to work with you in your space to accommodate your Kosher needs.

Things to consider in your design:

  • Do you have the space in your current kitchen to allow dual prep areas?  Or are you going to need to expand your kitchen?
  • Invest in appliances that have a “Sabbath” mode allowing you to follow Halakha 
    • Read more information about this feature and if it might meet your needs HERE
  • Are you able to fit 2 ovens or are you comfortable only baking pareve and dairy while taking extra necessary steps to use the same oven for meat?
  • Do you need special storage in the kitchen for your Passover dishes or are they stored elsewhere?


More in depth information on Kosher design elements is available clicking below

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Here is an example of a Kosher kitchen we designed in Crestmoor which has two separate prep areas